Acts 26.18



The second passage concerning Paul has no ambiguity about it.  Luke recounts Paul telling of his conversion to King Agrippa.  On the road to Damascus, Jesus appeared to him, and, after identifying himself and giving Paul instructions, Jesus continues in almost hymnlike fashion:

[1]  I will rescue you from your people and from the Gentiles—

[2]  to whom I am sending you, to open their eyes,



[3]  so that they may turn from Darkness (skotos) to Light (phos),

[4]  and from the power (exousia) of Satan to God,

[5]  so that they may receive forgiveness of sins,

[6]  and a place among those who are sanctified by faith in me.

(Acts 26.17-18)

This sounds very Pauline.  Lines 3 and 4 resemble the two central dualistic dichotomies in Second Corinthians:

What fellowship is there between Light and Darkness?

What agreement does Christ have with Beliar?

(2 Cor. 6.14-15)

Darkness in both cases is associated with unbelief.  Let’s remember that in the case of the unbeliever Elymas he was enveloped in literal skotos.