Ecumenical Epistles

Bible Passage Approx. Date Description Satan: A Biography
James 4.7-8 AD 80 Resist Devil and he will flee. Draw near to God, and He will draw near to you. pp. 137-38
1 Peter 5.8-9 AD 95 Your adversary, Devil, prowls like a lion seeking prey. Resist him in your faith, knowing that all your brethren are suffering similarly. p. 135
1 John 2.13-14 AD 100 You young people have overcome the bad (one?). p. 161
1 John 3.8-12   Sinners are children of the devil; Cain is from the evil one. pp. 108, 160
1 John 5.18-19   One born of God does not sin, and the bad one does not touch him. pp. 115-16
Jude 9 AD 95 Archangel Michael's respectful dispute with Devil over the body of Moses. pp. 128-30