Gospel of John

Bible Passage Approx. Date Description Satan: A Biography
John 6.64-71 AD 95 Jesus knows the unbelievers and his betrayer, who is diabolos. p. 110
John 8.44   Judeans opposed to Jesus are children of Devil, who was a sinner, liar, and murderer from the beginning. pp. 107-09
John 12.31   Now is the judgment of this world; now the ruler (archon) of this world will be driven out. p. 112.
John 13.2   Devil had already put it into the heart for Judas to betray Jesus. p. 109
John 13.27   Satan then enters into Judas, and Jesus tells him to act quickly. p. 110
John 14.30   The ruler of this world is coming, and in me he has nothing. p. 112
John 16.7-11   The Advocate will prove the world wrong because they do not believe in me, and because the ruler of this world has already been judged. pp. 112-13