Luke 22.3



But Luke goes on to show Satan at work in ways that Mark and Matthew do not.  After telling us that the chief priests and scribes were looking for a way of putting Jesus to death, Luke says:  “Then Satan entered into Judas,” who thereupon agreed with the priests



and Temple authorities to betray Jesus to them (Luke 22.3-4).  The word used here for “entering” Judas is the same verb that Luke used for the “seven more wicked spirits” of the post-Beelzebul parable (Luke 11.26), but Satan’s take-over of Judas is clearly a far different operation than possession by disease-Demons.  For the parasitic Demons of the Synoptic Gospels (Mark-Matthew-Luke) show no moral purpose; they only cause physical and mental ailments.  True, Satan uses such ailments as part of his testing regimen.  But his direct tests call for conscious decisions on the part of the test-takers.  Thus, we can surmise that “Satan’s entry into Judas” means that Judas succumbed to the temptation, arranged by Satan, to sell Jesus for money.

We soon have this surmise about Satan’s modus operandi confirmed.  We remember that after the threefold testing in the wilderness, Luke says this:  “When Devil had finished every test, he departed from him until an opportune time” (Luke 4.13).  When does he return?  If we do not count Jesus’s vision of Satan fallen like lightning, then it must be, as suggested above, his testing of Judas.  Satan’s binding of the woman with the arthritis-Spirit had taken place long ago.