Luke’s Two Books: Gospel and Acts

Bible Passage Approx. Date Description Satan: A Biography
Luke 4.1-13 AD 85 Temptation of Jesus (from Q)
Added: 4.5-6: authority over all the kingdoms of the world has been given to Devil, and he gives it to anyone he pleases.
Added: 4.13: after finishing every test, Devil departs from Jesus until an opportune time.
pp. 94-97
Luke 8.5-25   Devil is the enemy of the sower (from Mark). p. 97
Luke 10.17-20   While disciples cast out demons, Jesus sees Satan fallen, like lightning. pp. 97-100
Luke 11.2-4   Our Father, deliver us from "evil" (from Q). p. 100
Luke 11.14-23   Beelzebul and Satan (from Mark). p. 99
Luke 13.11-16   Woman has a spirit that has crippled her for 18 years; this was Satan's doing. p. 100
Luke 22.3   Satan enters Judas, who sets about betraying Jesus. pp. 100-01
Luke 22.28   The remaining apostles have stood by Jesus in his tests (trials, temptations). pp. 101-02
Luke 22.31-32   Satan has demanded and obtained permission to sift all of the apostles like wheat, but Jesus has prayed for Peter's faith not to fail; when he turns back, he is to strengthen the others. p. 102
Acts 5.3 AD 90 Satan fills heart of sinner. pp. 103-05
Acts 10.38   Devil responsible for diseases. pp. 55, 103, 106
Acts 13.6-11   Magician as Devil's son. p. 105
Acts 26.18   Gentiles are to turn from darkness to light and from power of Satan to God. pp. 105-06