Bible Passage Approx. Date Description Satan: A Biography
Numbers 22.22-35 560 BC
(200 BC)
The Angel of Yahweh comes as a satan against Balaam and his ass (inserted by the “Deuteronimistic Historian, who also speaks of humans satans in 1 Samuel 29.4; 2 Samuel 19.22; 1 Kings 5.4; 11.14-25). pp. 13-18
Job 1-2 520 BC
(200 BC)
One of the Sons of God, acting as a satan, with the permission of Yahweh, tests Job.
LXX (Greek Translation) Devil (proper name) tests Job.
pp. 21-30
Zechariah 3 500 BC
(200 BC)
A satan accuses the high priest Joshua, who is defended by the Angel of Yahweh
LXX: Devil (proper name) accuses the high priest Jesus
pp. 25-28
1 Chronicles 21 50 BC Satan (or a satan) tempts David (ca. 500), re-telling 2 Samuel 24 (where the tempter is "the anger of Yahweh”).
LXX: a diabolos (an adversary, a slanderer) does the tempting.
p. 20