Revelation 2.24-28



The message to the Angel of the Church of THYATIRA comes from the Son of Man calling himself the Son of God.  It is a similar mixture of compliment and complaint.  The complaint is that the Angel tolerates the woman named Jezebel, who poses as a prophet and teaches the people to commit the same sins as the people of Pergamum.  Jezebel and her children are hereby given time to repent, but, unless they do, the Son of Man will strike them dead (Rev. 2.18-23).  The sinners in Pergamum were blamed for following a false prophet of old, Balaam, but those in Thyatira are following a false prophet in their midst, named after the idolatrous queen Jezebel who opposed the true prophet Elijah (1 Kings 19.1-2; see above, chap. 1.1.)

The message to Thyatira goes on to connect the above wickedness with Satan, now addressing not the Angel of the Church but the Christians who have not strayed from their faith:

But to the rest of you in Thyatira who do not hold this teaching, who have not learned what are named “the deep things of Satan” (as they call it), to you I say:  “I do not lay on you any other burden; only hold fast to what you have, until I come.”  (Rev. 2.24-25)

“The deep things of Satan” seems to be a sarcastic reference on somebody’s part:  “as they call it.”  But it is not clear who “they” are.  One would naturally ascribe the saying to the faithful Christians of Thyatira to characterize the doctrine that their straying co-congregants are espousing:  namely, the teachings of Jezebel.  But if that were the case, we would expect the explanatory phrase to be, “as you call it.”

In any case, “the deep things of Satan” is a take-off on “the deep things of God,” an expression used by St. Paul (1 Cor. 2.10).  But why Satan?  Presumably because of Satan’s association with false belief, which he uses to test the Christian faithful to abandon their principles and thus “fall into temptation.”



We will see below, in section 4 of this chapter, that the faithful of Thyatira who succeed in avoiding the deep things of Satan will have Lucifer, the Morning Star (that is, Christ), bestowed on them.