The New Biography of Satan: Post-Biblical Fantasies

Author and Work Approx. Date Fantasy Satan: A Biography
Justin Martyr, Dialogue with Trypho AD 160 Satan was the serpent in Eden pp. 176-78
Origen of Alexandria, Principles AD 230 Satan was the rebel Morning Star (Lucifer) of Isaiah 14.12 pp. 191-99
Augustine of Hippo, The Trinity AD 415 After making Adam & Eve sin, Satan owned all humanity; bought back by Christ’s death p. 215-17
Gospel of Nicodemus + Descent into Hell AD 520 Jesus bound Satan in hell after his crucifixion pp. 234-36
Cassiodorus, Complexions AD 570 Battle between Michael and Satan took place before creation of world p. 207
Genesis B (Anglo-Saxon poem) AD 900 Satan and his angels fell not to earth’s foggy air but to hell pp. 239-40
Thomas Aquinas, Summa Theologiae AD 1270 Satan and demons not corporeal; rather pure spirits pp. 242-46
Dante, Inferno

Dante, Purgatorio
AD 1315

AD 1317
Satan mindless and out of action from the time of his fall
Satan deceived Eve, and is active in the world
p. 265
pp. 265-66
John Milton, Paradise Lost AD 1674 Complete New Biography of Satan pp. 269-77